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Cheryl's Rescue Ranch was founded in 1998 by lifelong Odenton resident, Wendy Cozzone. Inspired by her own and first rescue dog Cheryl, it became Wendy's mission to help other "underdog" animals in need. Cheryl has since passed on to the Rainbow Bridge but the ranch continues to save lives in her memory. 
Cheryl's Rescue Ranch's  vision continues to lead by example, promoting a more compassionate view of the way livestock and our companion animals are valued. Starting with the right that every single animal deserves to live in a loving home, free of abuse and full of love.  
Wendy is currently on the Anne Arundel County Animal Council Board & earned the Citizen of the Year Award in 2014. She continues to give back to her community while dedicating her time and knowledge toward farm animal rescue. 
Cheryl's Rescue Ranch functions solely on donations that provide feed, bedding, necessary housing, veterinary care & the opportunity for expansion on the ranch to save more animals in need.
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